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Plating Tests
Cross Hatch Test
The cross hatch test is a visual comparison method for coating up to a thickness of 70m which is fast and easy to use. The coating is cut into small squares, thereby reducing lateral bonding, and the coating adhesion assessed against ISO 2409 and ASTM D 3359 or Corporate Standards
Tape Test
ASTM D4541 is a standard test method that is used in order to evaluate the pull-off strength of air barrier membranes. This is a useful test when used to evaluate air barrier installations and set minimum standards to verify product performance and field installations under real conditions
Thermal Shock Test
Thermal shock testing also called temperature shock testing or temperature cycling exposes plating layers to alternating low and high air temperatures to accelerate failures caused by repeated temperature variations during normal use conditions.

Bend Test
The bend test is a simple and inexpensive qualitative test that can be used to evaluate both the ductility and soundness of coating.

It is often used as a quality control test for Pins & Sockets.
Thickness Test
Plating thickness is the most crucial part of our business, we work as per customer spec, also installed micrometer along plating baths to maintain the thickness For thickness test we have a Advance micro test thickness machine which can check various plating layers like- Silver, Gold, Tin, Copper, Electroless Nickel, etc.
Sodium Sulphide Test
Sodium Sulphide is an enemy to silver and makes it turn black faster,

Sodium Sulphide Test is used to check if the anti tarnish done on silver plating is good enough to protect it.